Special Interest Group (SIG) Meetings

SIG meeting “Neurotherapies in ADHD”

During the 2019 EUNETHYDIS members meeting, the Special Interest Group Neurotherapies in ADHD met and discussed common synergies. They also submitted an abstract on Neurotherapeutics in ADHD to JAACAP for the special round of review papers. Both junior and senior authors of the Special Interest Group were included.

SIG meeting “Motivation and its relation to ADHD”

During the 2019 EUNETHYDIS members meeting, the SIG “Motivation and its relation to ADHD” gathered for a first meeting. With a group of about 20 people, we exchanged our current and future research efforts and interests in the area of motivation. It turned out that parts of the broad concept of motivation and its relation to ADHD have been studied, but there are also relevant and important parts that have not been studied yet. We have brainstormed about possible collaborative efforts for the future, and we will start off with a meeting in the coming year, during which we will make concrete goals. Also, plans were made for exchange of research materials and papers on the topic of motivation.