The members of EUNETHYDIS form a cooperative network that values originality, while knowledge is disseminated in an atmosphere of trust, loyalty, and mutual respect. This spirit is the key to EUNETHYDIS and its mission. At EUNETHYDIS meetings and informal gatherings, members are encouraged to present data or research plans prior to public presentation in scientific journals or at conferences. Efforts are made to ensure that all members contribute to and present at meetings, and are involved in the European and national projects associated with EUNETHYDIS. The network fosters the development of early career researchers and clinicians in order to develop a core group of European experts in the field, thereby advancing fundamental research and knowledge of ADHD and associated medical conditions. By now, several members hold prestigious professional positions. With time, professional bodies, government agencies, and the pharmaceutical industry have come to recognize EUNETHYDIS as a primary point of contact for advice and project initiation.

EUNETHYDIS has 5 key missions:

  • 1 Open sharing of knowledge and understanding of ADHD and associated disorders between researchers in the area
  • 2 Advancement of both preclinical and clinical research for these disorders
  • 3 Support and professional development of (early stage) researchers and clinicians in this field
  • 4 Provision of evidence-based clinical recommendations to clinicians
  • 5 Maintenance of high ethical standards in all of its activities